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Closed cell polyethylene: this foam is white and comes by the yard, in sheets, or custom cut to your dimensions. Closed cell foam does not absorb water. We have two grades of closed cell foam: Crosslinked Polyethylene, and EVA grade. (Please note that for custom cut orders, we also offer 1.2, 2, and 6 lb/ft3 grade closed cell foams.)
Crosslinked Polyethylene is very rigid; it has no give to it. This may be used for packing, padding in helmets, or insulation for hot tubs. EVA grade is also a firm foam, but with a softer feel. When pressing your fingers into it, it squishes down a little but comes right back into place. This may be used for kneepads, boat cushions, life preservers, or shin guards.

Sheets of Closed Cell Foam
Full sheets measure 48" x 72". Thicknesses between 1/2 inch and 4 inches are available. Prices are listed below.
   Cross. Poly.   EVA grade 
 0.5"   45.00   49.50 
 1"   90.00   99.00 
 1.5"   135.00   148.50 
 2"   180.00   198.00 
 3"   270.00   297.00 
 4"   360.00   396.00 
Thickness: Firmness: Sheets:
Closed Cell Foam
does not absorb water

Closed Cell Foam by the Yard

Crosslinked Polyethylene may be purchased by the yard, in 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch thicknesses. Whole yards ONLY are cut from the roll, which has a width of 60".
   Price per yard 
 0.25" x 60"   14.00 
 0.50" x 60"   28.00 
Thickness: Yards:
We cut the following shapes...
Please click on a shape below. If you have a shape not shown here, please fax us a diagram for a quote.
Due to the nature of this specialized foam, custom sizes can take anywhere from 3-90 days to ship.