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Polyester Bed Pillow, 20x26
Our polyester pillows are very simple and use only a silicone fiber filler.
Price:   $7.48
10/90 Down Bed Pillow, 20x26
This is our most popular pillow - it is not too soft; it is just right. The pillow contains a 10/90 blend of down and feathers. We use two layers of fabric in order to prevent the feathers from escaping.
Price:   $38.80
Memory Foam Bed Pillow
The ergonomic design of the Structure pillow cradles your head and neck. Its countour (peanut) shape supports the arch in your spine. These pillows come with a snow white chenille case that can be easily removed and washed. There are channels in the base. It is important to pick the correct size. Most adult men use the medium or petite. Most women and children use the petite. The extra loft is for very large men, 6'5" 200+ lbs.
Petite size:   $52.80
Standard size:   $62.80
Extra loft:   $72.80
Latex Bed Pillow
The 100% natural latex pillow is for the buyer looking for a very soft pillow.
Standard size:   $48.68
Queen size:   $68.80
King size:   $78.91
Polyester Floor Pillow, 36x36
Great for anywhere in the house!
Price:   $28.04
Polyester Neck Roll, 9x22
Your neck will thank you.
Price:   $11.80
Memory Foam Travel Pillows
All memory foam pillows come with a zippered cover that can be easily removed and washed. Take the comfort of your memory foam pillow on any trip with the Isotonic travel size pillow. Use the Isotonic neck roll behind your neck, between your knees, in the car, or backpacking around the world.
Isotonic travel pillow:   $39.80
Isotonic neck roll:   $27.50
Bed Pillow
Memory Foam Bed Pillow
Neck Roll
Memory Foam Travel
Pillow and Neck Roll

Pillow Stuffers and Cases

"Stuffers" are plain fabric pillows used to fill pillow shams. We stock polyester stuffers and two different blends of down stuffers: 25/75 and 10/90. The 25/75 fill is of higher quality. It has more down than the 10/90 fill, and thus is softer. The 10/90 pillow stuffer is covered with two layers of fabric. Both stuffers are made using 180 thread count fire retardant fabric - this helps to keep the feathers inside.
For your shopping convenience, we also offer many types of quality fabric covers (pillow cases) to complete your choice of stuffer. Choose a pillow stuffer size for a price quote, and browse through our large selection of Sunbrella and discount fabrics.
Pillow Size Metric Equivalent  
41 cm x 41 cm
46 cm x 46 cm
51 cm x 51 cm
56 cm x 56 cm
61 cm x 61 cm
66 cm x 66 cm