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We stock several types of foam to pad packages for shipping. Each foam can be cut into many custom shapes, to your custom dimensions. We also sell convoluted (egg-crate style) packing foam sheets. All sales of packing foam are final; no warranty coverage is offered.
CD100 Packing Foam
This firm foam has a density of 1.8 lbs/ft3. It is very rigid when thicker than five inches. Available in gray.
Y33 Packing Foam
A light-weight foam of medium firmness. It comes in a light grayish-white color. Y33 is a lb/ft3 foam.
Ester Foam
(Also used for sound insulation.) An important quality of Ester foam is that it is anti-static. It is ideal for packing electrical equipment like cameras. It is available in blue or black.
Y37ch Packing Foam
Y37ch foam has a density of 1.2 lbs/ft3, and is gray in color.
Anti-Static Foam
This is the standard for anti-static foam. It is more effective than Ester foam. Anti-static foam is pink in color, and has a density of 1.4 lbs/ft3 with a 30 ILD.
Rebond Foam/Carpet Pad
Rebond foam is made from recycled foam. It has an lbs/ft3 density and is very firm when thicker than three inches.

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Convoluted packing foam by the sheet...
We sell Ester, Anti-static, and Y37ch packing foam by the sheet. Each convoluted sheet has a thickness of 7/8".
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