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Our professional seamstresses can handle any custom sewing job.
We sew fabric covers to meet all of your needs. Here, in our sewing section, you can order specialty fabric covers for MyFoam items, or you may order just the fabric cover alone. If you don't have a standard shape, please make a pattern of the shape you need and mail it to us.
You may choose from our fabric selection (see below) or send us your own fabric. We will give you instructions at the conclusion of your order on how to mail your fabric to us.
We carry 3 lines of fabric: Sunbrella brand, our own discount fabric, and the Robert Allen fabric line.
Our most complete line is by Sunbrella. Sunbrella is the leading brand in exterior/interior fabrics. You may choose from a variety of colors and prints.
Our discount fabrics come in five colors. The ivory colored fabric is made of 100% cotton and has a satin finish. The colored fabrics are typically an 8 oz. durable fabric, usually a poly-cotton twill.
We also carry the Robert Allen Fabrics line. You can usually find these at your local upholsterer. If you are familiar with this line and know the name of the pattern you want, you can order the fabric directly from us and save money on your sewing fees.
There are no returns or cancellations on any custom sewn products.

Step 1: Choose a fabric option
I will mail my own fabric to MyFoam. (Directions will be given at the end.)
Choose a standard Sunbrella color:
Pick a Sunbrella fabric by name:  
     Click here to see Sunbrella fabrics. Copy the number
and name
listed below the pattern (for example:
"5403 Jockey Red"), then paste it in the box above.
Select a discount fabric color:
Use the Robert Allen fabric named:  
     Please note: because Robert Allen fabrics differ so widely in
     price, our quote will not include the cost of the material. Our
     price quote is for the cost of the sewing labor only. We will
     contact you to confirm the total price, including fabric,
     before charging your credit card for this sewing project.
On to Step Two...