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This foam is used extensively for sound insulation. This foam will help control the acoustics in a room by absorbing sound. The technical name for acoustic foam is ester foam. Ester foam is the standard of the industry. Ester is anti-static which makes it great for use in sound studios as it won't create electric sparks.
For total sound blocking it is necessary to control the flow of air in and out of a room. Sheet rock walls, ceilings, and floors should be further insulated with 6mm neoprene (Grade #1). The density of the neoprene, when installed correctly, will effectively block sound waves.
Acoustic foam comes in two grades: a 2 lb/ft3 density foam and a discount grade 1.2 lb/ft3 density foam. The discount grade is gray, and comes in 1 7/8" thick, egg-crate pattern sheets. The 2 lb acoustic foam is a charcoal black color, and is available in 1 7/8" or 2 7/8" thick egg-crate pattern sheets. For solid pieces without the egg crate pattern visit our packing foam section.

Sound insulate your space...
Below, enter dimensions of the spaces you wish to cover with acoustic foam. Enter dimensions using INCHES, for up to five areas at a time. (Return later to add more areas.)
 Cost per square foot
 2 lb, 2 7/8  2 lb, 1 7/8  1.2 lb, 1 7/8
4.86 4.22 1.80
*Please note: there is a minimum price
 of $2.58 for each sheet.

Density Length Width
1st Area:     in. X  in.
2nd Area:     in. X  in.
3rd Area:     in. X  in.
4th Area:     in. X  in.
5th Area:     in. X  in.
PLEASE NOTE: Most of the sheets that are larger than 72" x 96" will have seams -- all other sizes most likely will not. During the vacuum packing process (for shipping) the seams can open. It is recommended that you purchase a can of foam glue to mend any seams that may have ripped during shipping.
Foam glue in a can
12 oz. can:   $14.95
2 lb/ft3 Acoustic Foam


1.2 lb/ft3 Acoustic Foam
Overall NRC: 0.70